Drive Safe and Save Money on Fuel

Most mechanical failures happen due to neglected maintenance. Although the main cause of mechanical breakdown is overheating, other easy-to-detect issues include low antifreeze, loose drive belts, and faulty cooling system hoses. You can also prevent accidents and save fuel by checking tire pressure regularly. Have a look at a few fuel-saving and safe driving tips here:

  • Don’t drive aggressively as it can lower the mileage by as much as 5 percent on city streets and 33 percent on the highway

  • Allow the vehicle to warm up for not more than two minutes as excessive idling gets zero miles per gallon

  • Install cruise control to maintain a constant speed in the highway as speeds above 60 mph rapidly decrease gas mileage

  • Ensure the windshield washers are working efficiently and the reservoir is filled with solvent; also, replace the wiper blades every six months to prevent it from smearing, streaking, and chattering

  • Check for internal and external lighting at least once a month

Quick Pre-trip Checkup

Before you set out for a drive, ensure you check the following:

  • Hoses and belts: If a belt fails, it can affect the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering, and the cooling system. So it is important to change the belts regularly.

  • Fluids: In addition to antifreeze, the other fluids that require attention include power steering, engine oil, transmission fluids, windshield washer solvent, and antifreeze.

  • Tires: Check for tire inflation, inspect the tread for uneven wear, look for bald spots and bulges.

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Don’t Neglect Your Vehicle

We can install cruise control, offer tips on how to save money on fuel, and extend the life of your vehicle.