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Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

Bring your vehicle to our technicians for repairs and scheduled maintenance on all makes and models of domestic and imported trucks and cars.

repair service

Repair Service

Our experienced professionals will do everything from oil changes to comprehensive repairs.

fleet repair service

Fleet Repair Service

We offer preventative maintenance and repairs to keep your fleet running smoothly.

cost saving tips

Cost Saving Tips

Maintain your vehicle regularly and save money on fuel and future repairs.

Reliable Vehicle Care Services at Larry’s Auto & Truck Repair in Mississauga

Larry’s Auto & Truck Repair is a family-owned business offering quality quality auto and truck repair services in Mississauga and Surrounding Area. Established in 1980, we provide general repairs and fleet maintenance services. Our customers mostly include fleet owners, but we also serve car owners in the Mississauga area. With years of experience working on both domestic and import vehicles, we work with our clients to find cost-effective repairs and services. We understand how difficult it is to live without your car and hence, we ensure all repairs and services are done in a timely manner. We believe in keeping you informed about any replacement or repair your vehicle requires. Focused on customer satisfaction, we offer quality services at fair prices.

Our Services

Listed here are the services we offer:

Car and truck

Car and truck repairs

4 X 4 services

4x4 services





Electrical services

Electrical services


Engine and transmission repair


Fleet brakes

fleet general services

Fleet Repair and Maintenance

fleet wheel services

Exhaust repairs

general services

General Repair Services

heating and cooling services

Heating and Cooling Services

inspections and emissions

Inspections and Emissions


Miscellaneous Services

quick lube services

Oil Change


Tires- sales, service & installation



under car

Undercar Services

DOT safety inspection

DOT Safety inspection


Fleet Repairs and Maintenance Services

Specializing in fleet repairs and maintenance, we do everything from oil changes to engine rebuilds. If your engine is making more noise than it should, bring it to our professional mechanics for diagnostics and repair. We can help improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency and performance. We perform preventative maintenance to keep you safe on the road while you save money on fuel. Trust us to pay attention to any system in your truck that needs repairs, including air conditioning, exhaust, fuel, steering, suspension, and brake.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer

Our mission is to extend the life of your vehicle with repairs and preventative maintenance. We always ensure to carry out our services by following the manufacturer’s manual and instructions. If your vehicle is overdue for an oil change or needs a complete tune-up, give us a call to book a service.

Vehicle Tips

Since most motor vehicle fatalities are caused by automobile maintenance neglect, have a look at these tips for vehicle maintenance:

  • Refill and flush the cooling system every 24 months; check the level, condition, and concentration of the coolant
  • Wait for the engine to thoroughly cool down before removing the radiator cap
  • Get the tightness and condition of clamps, drive belts, and hoses checked by a professional
  • Check the manual and change your oil and oil filter as specified
  • Replace air, fuel, and PCV filters as recommended; get engine drivability issues, such as hard stops, stalling, and diminished power, corrected at a good repair shop
  • Replace a dirty windshield to prevent eye fatigue and probable safety hazards
  • Check tire pressures once a month and let the tires cool down first
  • Check your manufacturer’s manual to find out what fuel your car's engine needs
  • Keep your tires inflated, as under-inflated tires make your engine use more fuel
  • Clean out unnecessary heavy load before you drive your vehicle
  • Air conditioner puts extra load on the engine; hence, use it sparingly
  • Keep windows closed to reduce aerodynamic drag
  • Avoid keeping your vehicle idle for more than two minutes
  • Use cruise control to maintain a constant speed and reduce fuel consumption
  • Tune your engine, as a restricted fuel injector will reduce fuel efficiency
  • Check the engine's belts regularly, as worn belts will affect the performance of the engine
  • Get the fuel filter changed regularly to prevent dirt and other impurities from entering the fuel system
  • Changing the transmission fluid and filter regularly will protect components of the transmission
  • Check the suspension system regularly to extend the life of the vehicle’s tires


Very Friendly Services

"Excellent and very friendly services, it's like family.”

- Deepa C.

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